The Wonder Women Podcast with Ria Hebden

Jo Malone CBE - Founder & Creative Director of Jo Loves

Episode Summary

Jo Malone CBE is an award-winning, internationally-recognised entrepreneur known for revolutionising the beauty industry with her iconic scents. She is also the founder and Creative Director of JoLoves who has an abundance of knowledge and wisdom accrued from building global brands. After leaving school at 15 with NO qualifications and refused a bank overdraft to initally start her perfume business, Jo never let these barriers hold her back from making her dreams a reality. In this intimate and honest conversation, Jo shares with Ria, the life lessons she has learnt throughout her incredible career along with invaluable tips to support any budding entrepreneur in launching and scaling their business. Jo invites you to "come join the entrepreneurial revolution" in this exclusive conversation with Ria.

Episode Notes

Be inspired as each month, one trailblazing woman who works in the creative industries shares how she navigates life’s challenges to achieve her career goals, while offering top tips and invaluable wisdom to support you in your career.

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